A lot more goes into a lake shoe than just your foot.

A lot more goes into a lake shoe than just your foot.

When you have a passion for cycling as they do at Lake, it translates to a life long passion. It’s in their blood, they are devoted to cycling.

Fantastic advice from Richard, really taking the time to help me select the right size. I now have the right fitting shoe for my wider-than-normal feet, which are 20mm wider than my previous shoes - no wonder they weren’t comfortable! Yet to take them on a long ride but first impressions are great. Thanks so much for the support...
Salt dog Cycling Customer Review

When you have a passion for cycling as they do at Lake, it translates to a life long passion. It’s in their blood, they are devoted to cycling.

They have spent hours riding in the trenches, enduring the pain and have graduated with honours from the school of hard knocks. They have studied the shape of thousands of feet pedalling billions of circles. And are designed and proven to be the most comfortable
shoe in the peloton.

The shoe is the single most important piece of your equipment - it's where the power goes, or doesn't as the case so often is!

The most common blunder amongst bike shops and consumers alike is to size up to accommodate a wide foot, this yields a cleat placement that is dramatically further forward thus placing extreme pressure on the forefoot. It is crucial your feet are measured and assessed to ensure the correct shoe is fitted.
James Thomas
Store Owner & Bike Fitter, Bicycle.

We are calling on you to #findyourfit and make numb feet, hotspots, knee pain and saddle discomfort along with many more issues associated with ill fitting cycling shoes a thing of the past.

Find Your Fit

In the UK we have a great selection of Lake stockists who provide guidance and shoe fits to ensure you are wearing the correct size and width cycling shoe for you.

You can find a local Lake stockist using our locator below 

      If you can’t find anyone locally or would prefer not to have the face to face contact then Saltdog Cycling offers a great fit service online.

      Online Fitting Service

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      Check out some of the best and most popular models below. These are great examples of Lakes variation of lasts, to ensure you get the best fit possible. To find out more head over to Lakecycling.com




      CX403 is the pinnacle of cycling shoes. Klite Kangaroo leather & mesh upper with Perforated Kangaroo leather lining with new Carbon fiber support panels which help to maintain a secure fit. Supple and form fitting Kangaroo leather is naturally lightweight and breathable. This creates an upper that forms to your foot naturally, which in turn allows your foot to maintain comfort throughout the ride. The Thermaform rear 1/4 alters the dynamics of pedaling creating one of the most stable platforms for high output cycling while also maintaining superior comfort. The inner sole is suspended over the outer rigid carbon sole. This system enables us to use an extremely stiff carbon outsole without sacrificing riding



      The CX332 is a Classic Design with Modern elements such as Dual Boa® Closure & a light weight carbon sole system. The CX332 also draws from the same Thermaform technology as found in the CX403. Klite Kangaroo leather. Outlast temperature regulating heel & tongue liner. Internal Thermaform Carbon Fiber heel counter. The Internal heel counter is heat mouldable carbon that gives the option to better customize the heel hold. A secure heel hold will stabilize the foot and eliminate heel slip. A stable foot allows for more power
      transfer and less fatigue.



      The CX238 is an improvement on a classic CX237 that had made it as one of the best cycling shoes ever made. Full-grain Water Resistant Eco Premium leather and mesh with hook Lycra & Outlast heel lining. The leather upper is sleek, has minimised stitching and is form fitting giving you a glove like feel that over time makes a perfect match to your foot like nothing else.



      The CX241 is a culmination of all of our experience, advanced materials and shoe making techniques to make a shoe that offers the best fitting solution for any foot type. With a heat mouldable heel counter and an uniquely designer upper that has enough adjustability to accommodate feet with any instep height or foot volume without sacrificing comfort.